Start Your Engines From a Distance

Discover the convenience of remote starters in Davenport, IA

Hopping into a freezing car on a cold, winter day is not a good feeling. You can get into a cozy car every day when you use a remote starter. Auto Recon is an Artic Start dealer. That means we sell a variety of state-of-the-art remote starters from an award winning company right here in Davenport, IA. You can even start your car from your phone. You can add convenience to your life with the help of this simple gadget.

We are an authorized Arctic Start Dealer

Arctic Start is manufactured by Firstech, a multi-award winning safety & convenience manufacturer. Each system installed includes a limited lifetime warranty on the remote start module and installation labor. A 1-Year warranty is included on remote transmitters.

Why should I go with a 2-Way?

When you think of warming or cooling off your vehicle, the morning might come to mind first. However, what about when you are at work or the store? With a 2-Way, you can start your vehicle from a greater distance and know that the vehicle was within range to start. This allows you to enter the perfect temperature vehicle year round, no matter where you are.

What is the difference between 1-Way & 2-Way?

With a 1-Way system, the signal travels from the remote to the vehicle. With a 2-Way, the signal travels from the remote to the vehicle then back to the remote. This lets you know that the signal reached your vehicle and started properly.

Take A Look At Our Options

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Pricing does not include additional labor required by some vehicle makes & models. Pricing excludes manual transmission, European, and vehicles requiring dual modules. Vehicle compatibility is required for proper functionality. Contact us for exact pricing for your vehicle.

Afraid that it might void your manufacturer's warranty?
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act has you protected. This act prevents OE manufacturers from voiding your warranty just because of installed aftermarket products.

(LCD Image)


  • (1) 2-Way Remote
  • Start/Stop Control
  • Lock/Unlock/Trunk
  • 1-Mile Max Range
  • 2-Way Communication

(LED Image)


  • (1) 2-Way Remote
  • Start/Stop Control
  • Lock/Unlock/Trunk
  • 3,000' Max Range
  • 2-Way Communication

(1Way Image)


  • (1) 1-Way Remote
  • Start/Stop Control
  • Lock/Unlock
  • 1,000' Max Range

(3x Image)


  • Utilize OE Remote
  • Start/Stop Control
  • Select Vehicle Compatibility

(Drone X1 Image)


  • Unlimited Range
  • Control From Phone
  • No Contract Service
  • Plans as low as $6/mo.
  • Pair with a 2-Way System for $49.99 during install

Make sure your car is secure

Is your car at risk of break-ins? If you don't have any form of automotive security, it probably is. Our team can help you protect your car by adding valuable security tools. You can have peace of mind, even when you leave your car for hours at a time in an unfamiliar place.

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