Add Shine to Your Ride

Start with vehicle detailing in Davenport, IA

You take pride in your car. You want it to look clean and fresh, no matter what its mileage is. Detailing services can make your vehicle look like new. You can count on the detailers and years of experience from Auto Recon in Davenport, IA to take care of your car. You can choose from several packages, depending on your needs. All you have to do is ask, and we'll break down the services and prices of each package.

Bring your car to the detailing team at Auto Recon in Davenport, IA today.


Your car can get a simple rinse or intensive cleaning. The choice is yours. Take a look at our packages below:

Level 1

Level 1 | $174.99
  • Pre-Rinse
  • Foaming Vehicle Hand Wash
  • Bug & Tar Wash
  • Spray Wax/Protectant (Last up to 60 Days | Extremely Hydrophobic)
  • Wheel Well Rinse
  • Wheel & Sidewall Cleaning
  • Tire Dressing (Last up to 30 Days | Hydrophobic)
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Steam Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning w/UV Protection
  • Light Stain Removal
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning
  • Door Jam Cleaning

Level 2

Level 2 | $299.99
All of 1 +
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • 1-Step Polish/Light Scratch Remover

Level 3

Level 3 | $449.99
All of 1+
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • 2-Step Polish/Medium Scratch Remover

We can also add ceramic coating to your vehicle! Ceramic coating adds a layer of protection to your vehicle and is extremely hydrophobic. Learn more about ceramic coating by clicking here or calling 563.293.3636.

Detailing A La Carte

All pricing is listed as starting as. Excessive debris or stains will be quoted independently at $30 and up.

Interior Express | $49.99

Trim Cleaning
Glass Cleaning (Interior)

Interior Complete | $99.99

Trim Cleaning w/UV Protection
Steam Cleaning
Leather Cleaning
Light Stain Removal
Glass Cleaning (Interior)

Wash & Protect | $49.99

Foaming Hand Wash
Spray Wax/Protectant (Last up to 60 Days | Extremely Hydrophobic)
Glass Cleaning (Exterior)

Wheel & Tire | $24.99

Foaming Wash
Wheel Cleaner
Tire Scrubbing
Tire Dressing (Last up to 30 Days | Hydrophobic)

Ozone Treatment/Thermal Fogging | $29.99

Used for the removal of unwanted odors. Depending on severity of odor, interior cleaning is recommended.

Steam/Shampoo Cleaning | $49.99/Per Row

High heat steaming or shampoo cleaning to remove seat or carpet stains.
(Heavy Stains Will Be Quoted Separately)

Leather Cleaning & Rejuvenate | $49.99/Per Row

Hand scrubbing of leather to remove oils & debris from surface to restore original appearance. Leather conditioner is added to protect UV damage.

Leather/Fabric Coating | $74.99

Fabric/Leather coating adds up to 3 months of protection against UV rays, liquids, and dirt. It also adds a hydrophobic layer to keep your seats looking new.