What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic Coating is the chemical process of adding an additional layer of protection to your vehicle's surface. Ceramic Coatings are added above the clear coat layer to offer an enhanced appearance and added protection against unwanted elements.

Is there a warranty?

Depending on the package chosen, your ceramic coating does include a warranty for the duration of its life cycle. The warranty covers your coating when proper maintenance has been conducted. Hydrophobic protection & Gloss Protection are covered for the duration of your coating.

How do I maintain it?

For best results your vehicle should be washed a minimum of every 30 days. Washing should only be conducted using a PH Neutral soap and using a clean microfiber wash mitt. If using an automatic wash, use only a completely touchless wash. Your ceramic coating should be recharged a minimum of every 90 days to maximize the hydrophobic & Gloss protection. Auto Recon offers complete care for your ceramic coating and provides each owner with a hanger to display from their rearview mirror to inform and prevent unwanted washing.

Level 1


Lasts up to 18mo

Level 2


Lasts up to 36mo

Level 3


Lasts up to 72mo

We are certified in ceramic coating installations